Cambodia under CEDAW Reporting System (Report of 2013)


As a small country located in Southeast Asia, bordering with Lao, Thailand, Vietnam and the Gulf of Thailand, Cambodia is one of the state parties to the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW). Under Article 18 of the Convention, state party has an obligation to report to the CEDAW committee about women rights’ situation and the progress of women rights’ protection. Since 1992, Cambodia had submitted five reports to the committee and the sixth report is due in 2016.

However, this paper will discuss the fourth and fifth periodic report of Cambodia, which has been submitted and received a concluding observation in 2013. This paper covers the issues in women rights’ protection as reflected by the committee and the response by Cambodia. It also briefly discusses the concluding observation by the committee after receiving the final report and conducting the meeting with Cambodia’s representative. Since there are numerous issues raised by the committee, this paper examines only key issues, which the author believe to be the important problems encountered by Cambodian women. Finally, this paper ends with a conclusion reflecting the author’s comment on the discussed issues. Download: PDF

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